Welcome to A1 Dog

At A1 dog grooming and boarding when a dog  boards with us we will try to fit all their needs and yours to make them feel more like they are at home. We have A/C and Heating. All concrete floors with chain link fence. The dogs will have country side view and walking area.

Our grooming
We groom all breeds and tempers in dogs and cats. We have all type of shampoos and flea/tick treatment like whiting, organic shampoo, flea shampoo, flea/tick dip, and then some. The supplies we use will condition a make your dog's coat shine and will smell wonderful. With every groom or bath the dog will come home with a colorful bandanna.


Email: krike08@yahoo.com

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Our kennels provides grooming and boarding as safe place for your dog .  To visit us we ask your dogs to be  up to date on Rabies, distemper, Pavo, Lepto, and  Bordetella. Please bring these with you when you come to board. A1 Dog  is not liable for kennel cough, even though we take all the precautions for your dog as we asked for dog to be vaccinated with Bordetella, we sanitizer runs daily. kennel cough is like a cold for dogs even though vaccinated there is still a chance that your dog can get it. If you like to ask anymore questions about this  just give us a call. Also, you can talk to your vet about this as well they will be to give intel on Vac

Our boarding

Our boarding provides inside and outside runs with a doggie door that we Control. The runs are 4 ft wide X 6ft tall x 5ft long on the inside. The outside are 4ft wide x 6ft tall x 15 ft long. We clean every morning inside and outside. We wash the runs with water and bleach.We have A/c and heating.

Our Feeding

We feed to your feeding schedule. You must supply your owen dog food.

Medication for Your Dog

We understand that dogs get ill with age or they are born with. We will give any type of medication
 to your dog. Your dog can board ill if it does not passed to other dogs and is check out by vet to board. We don't charge extra to give Medication.

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